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Gallery Petalouth offers a full range of art and creative custom framing and installation services, as well as a variety of ways to display your artwork. If you have damaged artwork, we can help. We work with experts who can restore artwork or photography with care and quality.

Our services include:
   · Artwork from an extensive collection, including oils, watercolors, lithographs, etchings, fiber and collage images, reproductions, and objects d'art created by American and international artists, including French and South African artists. For a full list of artists that Gallery Petalouth represents, click on here.
   · Expertise to help you find investment artwork to museum standards.
   · Innovative matting, natural hardwoods, lacquers, aluminum, and other fine materials.
   · Installation of artwork.
   · A full range of display options, including pedestals and easels.
   · Lighting options to enhance appreciation of art work.
   · Shadow box framing to preserve medals, clothing, and other three-dimensional items.

By Appointment